An uncompromising new approach to tiny homes.

$64,995. Fully equipped.

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Built to last generations and help our planet do the same.

Mold, rot, termites and nasty weather - they don’t stand a chance. We’ve obsessed over utilizing materials and manufacturing processes that keep your home well insulated, sealed and worry free.

Cut-away floor plan of Clever Tiny Home

Every inch maximized.

Live large with lofty ceilings, big windows, strategically-placed mirrors, bright interior colors and storage tucked away everywhere.

Inspire your inner foodie in a modern kitchen full of ample storage and brand-name appliances. All set for paella or PB&J.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Rejuvenate in a spa-like bathroom, complete with a bathtub, elegant tiling, a large vanity, tons of natural light and those same tall ceilings as the rest of the house.

Get ready for that housewarming party. Your custom-built bed effortlessly folds into the wall, revealing a spacious living area that can comfortably entertain eight. Bonus: no need to make your bed anymore.

All this for $64,995.

Our unique approach to tiny homes reduces construction costs by up to 70%. We build one model, we build it right and we pass those savings on to you.

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Supply chain optimization
Supply Chain Optimization
Reduces material waste and costs.
Assembly line production
Assembly-line Production
Increases production efficiency.
Automated manufacturing
Automated Manufacturing
Saves time and increases precision.
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