Good to great credit

We've partnered with LightStream to offer financing for Clever Tiny Homes. LightStream financing is direct-to-consumer. This means LightStream will fund the loan to your bank account directly and then you will pay Clever Tiny Home. The advantages of this type of loan is you can also financing other related Tiny Home work (like landscaping) at the same time.

We've found LightStream loans to be competitive, if not better, than RV loans or other similar types of funding. You can apply online and receive a response within just a day or two.

Apply For LightStream Tiny Home Loan Here


Poor credit

If you have poor credit, but have real property (such as a home or land) that a lender can but a lien on, we may be able to get you a Tiny Home Loan. Please contact us for more information.

Development / Hotel / Glamping

For commercial borrowers

If you are a commercial developer - whether for long term stay or short term rental - and already own land or have land identified for your project please reach out. We are constantly having conversations with people in these markets.

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