Our Mission

Our goal with Clever Tiny Homes is to use our experiences at the highest levels of design, construction, technology and manufacturing to deliver incredible homes at highly affordable prices.

We’ve designed some of the world’s most iconic buildings, invented and commercialized advanced technology products and run manufacturing operations around the globe.

Our founders are also family. As we were building a tiny home for ourselves, we realized that we had a unique combination of expertise and backgrounds that could be used to build incredible quality tiny homes at great prices. Our country is short three million homes. We believe everyone who can make a dent in this crisis has a responsibility to do so. Clever Tiny Homes is answering this challenge.

Our Factory

We own and operate a 55,000 square foot factory. Watch our factory tour or learn more about our factory here.

Diverse skills and experience.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the people behind Clever Tiny Homes

Didi Zhao's Headshot
Didi Zhao
Founder / Architecture / Design

Didi is an international-award winning architect and designer. She has designed skyscrapers, convention centers, movie theaters, bridges and even entire cities for clients such as Universal Studios, The Venetian Casino and the Beijing Olympics. Her designs have been featured in top global design publications and have been honored with a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award (the U.S.’s top design prize).

Jonathan Palley's Headshot
Jonathan Palley
Founder / Partnerships / Engineering

Jonathan is an entrepreneur and engineer who previously built multiple successful digitally enabled businesses. Products he's developed and brought to market are used by millions of customers, funded by top-tier Venture Capital firms, featured in Apple stores globally and prescribed by doctors through America. Clever Tiny Homes allows him to combine his passions for carpentry and engineering world-class products.

Asa Feinstein's Headshot
Asa Feinstein
Founder / Manufacturing / Sustainability

A veteran tiny-home dweller, Asa has owned, run and consulted in complex manufacturing activities throughout the world. He started an award-winning, socially conscious factory in the Philippines and consults on building sustainable global supply chains.

Felix's Headshot
Felix Carrillo

Felix has over 20 years in construction and construction management. He spent a decade in project management at DLB Construction, overseeing commercial-scale projects throughout the United States for large national brands. His diverse portfolio includes projects in the retail, airport, museum and residential sectors.