Are the Tiny Houses on Wheels Certified? 

Published on
April 3, 2024
Find out how NOAH certification elevates tiny houses on wheels from Clever Tiny Homes and provides homeowners with confidence and peace of mind.

Tiny houses on wheels have been a popular choice for people looking to downsize and embrace a minimalist, sustainable lifestyle. But before you embark on your tiny house journey, you might wonder if these dwelling even have or required certification.

Generally, tiny houses on wheels on Clever Tiny Homes are certified by various organizations to ensure their safety and compliance with regulations. Keep reading to learn more about the certifications that verify tiny house trailer's quality.

Understanding Tiny House on Wheels Certificate 

Certification of tiny houses on wheels is a vital step to guarantee that these homes meet specific standards. Manufacturers like Clever Tiny Homes ensure that your tiny house on wheels is not only safe but also legally recognized. One prominent certification body in the tiny house industry is NOAH (National Organization for Alternative Housing)

NOAH has developed a comprehensive set of guidelines and inspections to evaluate and certify tiny homes. It offers various benefits such as compliance with building codes, safety assurance, quality standards, and simplification of the legal recognition process. Both our Clever 1 and Clever S are NOAH Certified to the ANSI 119.5 and NOAH+ standard. 

Why Do We Obtain NOAH Certification?

NOAH is considered a high-end certification body for tiny houses trailer. When a tiny house is NOAH-certified, it simply means that it has met the standards in terms of safety, construction, and quality. These guidelines cover various aspects of a tiny house, from structural safety to electrical and plumbing systems. 

Here are some advantages of getting a NOAH-certified home for Clever Tiny Homes: 

Compliance with Building Codes 

NOAH-certified tiny houses are designed to adhere to established building codes. This compliance is essential for legal recognition and can simplify matters like obtaining insurance or finding a suitable place to park your tiny home. Having a certified tiny house ensures it meets the safety requirements expected of a permanent dwelling. 

Safety Assurance 

Safety is vital when it comes to all homes – even tiny houses on wheels. The certification process includes detailed inspections, ensuring your tiny house is constructed to withstand the challenges it may face during road travel and exposure to different weather conditions. NOAH-certified homes are rigorously assessed for safety, providing homeowners with confidence in their investment’s durability. 

Quality Standards 

Quality materials and craftsmanship are at the core of NOAH-certified tiny houses. The certification implies that your tiny home is built using premium materials and skilled craftsmanship. This results in a living space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and long-lasting. Quality standards set by NOAH certification lead to a tiny house you can rely on for years to come. 

Legal Recognition and Parking 

Certification by NOAH simplifies the process of legal recognition and finding a parking spot for your tiny house. Many jurisdictions have specific regulations for dwellings on wheels, and NOAH certification ensures your tiny home complies with these requirements. This compliance can make it easier to obtain permits and navigate zoning regulations when parking your tiny house on your property or in a community. 

The Certification Process 

The certification process typically involves inspections at various stages of construction. Inspectors from NOAH visit the construction site at different stages of the building process to assess the tiny house’s structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, and overall safety. These detailed inspections guarantee that your tiny house is well-prepared to endure the challenges it might face on the road and under diverse weather conditions. 

Let's delve into the certification process: 

Structural Integrity 

One of the primary areas of focus during inspections is the structural integrity of the tiny house. It's imperative that the home is robust and well-constructed to withstand both the stress of road travel and external environmental factors. Inspectors ensure that the foundation, walls, roof, and framing meet the highest standards for quality and safety. 

Examination of Systems 

The certification process includes a meticulous examination of essential systems within the tiny house. This includes the electrical and plumbing systems to ensure that your home is free from hazards and ready to operate. Inspectors verify that these systems are not only well-installed but also compliant with established safety standards.  

Weather Resistance and Roadworthiness 

The mobility of tiny houses on wheels requires a specific set of features to handle the road. NOAH inspectors pay particular attention to elements that enhance a tiny house's roadworthiness and weather resistance. This might include features like secure trailer connections, proper tire and axle specifications, and road-ready components. 

Collaboration for Quality 

Certification bodies like NOAH work closely with tiny housebuilders throughout the process. They provide guidance and consultation to ensure that homes meet the required criteria. This collaborative approach is essential for maintaining the high quality and safety standards associated with NOAH-certified tiny houses.  


Certification of tiny houses on wheels is a critical step to ensure their safety, quality, and legal recognition. NOAH certification, in particular, is highly regarded in the tiny house industry, signifying that a tiny home has met rigorous standards. By choosing a certified tiny house, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your home is built to last and that it complies with relevant regulations. 

So, if you're considering the move to a tiny house on wheels, look for the NOAH certification. It's a stamp of approval that signifies your tiny home is safe, high-quality, and ready for the exciting journey of minimalist living. 

If you would like to learn more about tiny house on wheels, feel free to contact Clever Tiny Homes for a free consultation.