Can the Tiny House Be Raised Higher If Needed for Flooding?

Published on
April 2, 2024
Discover how Clever Tiny Homes addresses flooding concerns for tiny houses on wheels through innovative elevation solutions.

Flooding is a natural disaster that can potentially damage tiny houses on wheels homes and their core foundation. If you are investing in this type of home, this is just one of the many concerns that you will have.

While the standard elevation provides solid protection, there may be scenarios where you need to raise your tiny house even higher. Knowing this, Clever Tiny Homes developed a simple and innovative solution to address this.

Read on to learn how tiny house trailers are elevated to ensure protection from water penetration caused by flooding.

Can you Elevate Your Tiny House on Wheels?

By design, tiny houses on wheels, Clever Studio, is already built with some degree of elevation and mobility. This is done with jack stands.  

So when your tiny house is resting on its jacks, then this means that it is already raised about a foot or nearly two feet off the ground. This provides reasonable protection against flooding -- which is also an advantage over traditional homes.  

In cases of anticipated flooding with water levels exceeding initial elevation, you can have the option to jack up your tiny house to a higher position. This ensures that you have a better option of safeguarding your home in the face of rising waters.

However, take note that there are limitations to how high you can raise your tiny house. The maximum safe elevation is determined by structural factors, such as the support jacks' length and the house's design.  

For more questions, you can consult with us at Clever Tiny Homes to determine how high you can safely jack up your tiny house without compromising its structural integrity.


The initial elevation already provides protection against minor floods, and the flexibility to jack it up further ensures that you can adapt to varying flood levels.

But make sure it is done with care and consideration for your region or area's specific needs. Keep in mind that the key here is to identify the right balance between flood protection and other environmental factors like earthquakes.  

If you are looking for a professional to help you with this, feel free to reach out to Clever Tiny Homes’ team members. You can visit their website or schedule a consultation using this link to talk with the team.