Clever Tiny Homes Factory: Paint Booth, Roofing Machine, and Inventory Area

Published on
April 9, 2024
Explore Clever Tiny Homes' latest factory upgrades for reliable material sourcing and tiny house trailer manufacturing.

Clever Tiny Homes continues to push the boundaries of innovation for tiny house trailers. And we are thrilled to share some exciting additions to their factory. These are set to redefine the standards of quality and efficiency in the industry to provide higher quality tiny house trailers.  

Let’s explore these new Clever Tiny Homes factory additions.  

Paint Booth

One of the standout features of our factory's recent upgrades is the addition of a dedicated Paint Booth. This industrial-grade booth uses a controlled environment for our painting processes. This enables Clever Tiny Homes to ensure low VOC emissions, contributing to a safer and healthier living space for our customers.

The Paint Booth also facilitates the application of catalyzers. This refers to a technique that reduces off-gassing to make the Clever Studio eco-friendlier. The precision and efficiency achieved in the booth translate into a flawless finish on every tiny home that rolls out of the factory.

Roofing Machine

In a move to enhance precision and cost-effectiveness, Clever Tiny Homes has integrated a cutting-edge Roofing Machine into its production line. This addition enables us to handle the roofing process entirely in-house, from start to finish. By bending high-quality roofing materials with precision, we ensure top-notch craftsmanship while passing on substantial cost savings to our customers.

We are partners with Sheffield Metals guarantees that each Clever Studio model receives durable and quality roofing. This roofing material reinforces quality features that can withstand wear and tear but also contributes to lower tiny house pricing.

Inventory Area

Recognizing the challenges posed by supply chain fluctuations, Clever Tiny Homes has invested in expanding and fortifying the Inventory Area. This strategic move allows us to store a vast array of components, from high-quality sealants to European brand fridges, overcoming supply chain disruptions effectively. Buying in large quantities not only secures the availability of premium materials but also enables us to maintain our commitment to using top-tier products without compromising on cost.

Clever Tiny Homes continues to lead the way in tiny house innovation with the recent additions to its factory. All of these areas showcase their dedication to providing exceptional tiny homes that combine quality, sustainability, and affordability.

For information about Clever Tiny Homes’ Clever Studio and manufacturing process, feel free to schedule a consulation with one of their experts.