Clever Tiny Homes' Quality Build: Electrical Safety in Tiny Homes

Published on
April 8, 2024
Discover how Clever Tiny Homes prioritizes electrical safety in their tiny houses on wheels, from grounding to advanced circuit breakers.

Safety should always be a non-negotiable priority for every living space – especially for tiny houses on wheels. With that, Clever Tiny Homes brings us a closer look into electrical safety they employ for the tiny homes they manufacture.  

In this blog post, let’s go through Clever Tiny Homes’ process in ensuring a reliable and safe electrical system.

Foundation of Clever Studio Model Electrical Safety

Today's tiny homes are equipped with advanced grounding measures for electrical systems. That is why Clever Tiny Homes ensures that the ground from incoming electricity is properly connected to the trailer.  

For instance, the ground of the electricity is connected coming into the trailer. There is also a second ground wire that runs to the roof, for a secure connection to the metal roof. This approach to grounding is a crucial first step not only for electrical safety but that the wires are functioning.

Residential Standards in Tiny Homes on Wheels

Tiny homes on wheels may not require the same level of wiring as traditional houses. However, Clever Tiny Homes guarantees adheres to residential standards in accordance with the 2020 National Electric Code to ensure the safety of their clients.  

Inside our tiny homes, the circuit breaker boxes boast clean wiring, proper labeling, and the use of appropriately sized wires.  

We are also using both AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) and GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) circuit breakers. This part of the integral elements of Clever Tiny Homes' electrical safety strategy. So what are these two?

  • AFCI circuit breakers are designed to detect and interrupt electrical arcs, preventing potential fire hazards within the walls.  
  • GFCI circuit breakers, on the other hand, prioritize individual safety by shutting off power when there's a risk, such as using an appliance near water.

Always remember that wiring plays a major role in ensuring the quality of tiny houses. This will then contribute to creating homes that meet the best quality standards. You can learn more about our wiring systems by checking out our Wiring Tiny Homes for Maximum Safety video.


Clever Tiny Homes' commitment to electrical safety goes beyond meeting basic requirements. By prioritizing grounding, adhering to residential standards, and incorporating advanced safety features in circuit breakers, they are setting a new benchmark for the construction of tiny homes on wheels.