Innovative Ground Stability: Elevating Tiny Home Living with Clever Design

Published on
April 5, 2024
Explore how Clever Tiny Homes' adjustable jacks enhance stability and adaptability for tiny houses on wheels.

It's not uncommon to see tiny houses resting on jack stands. These jack stands are important to offer basic support to the trailer frame. In some cases, this setup might lack the desired stability. Thus, leading to noticeable movements and shifts even with minimal activity.

Clever Tiny Homes has revolutionized this aspect by introducing conventional but innovative solutions. The key to their design lies in attaching the structural support directly to the frame itself. Let's take a closer look at their adjustable jacks that play a pivotal role in this enhanced stability.

What are Adjustable Jacks?

The foundation of Clever Tiny Homes' stability lies in their adjustable jacks. Not only do these jacks provide the necessary elevation to lift the trailer frame off the wheels, but they also offer adaptability to ensure a level base. This is beneficial if you are in a location with a ground that is not perfectly flat. These adjustable jacks can accommodate slight slopes and uneven terrain to balance your tiny house.

The clever engineering of these jacks allows residents to fine-tune the leveling. This helps to create a solid and sturdy foundation for your tiny home.  

Role of Bolting for Superior Stability

Unlike traditional setups where the trailer rests on the jacks, Clever Tiny Homes takes it a step further.  

The use of strong bolts in this design guarantees a rock-solid connection. This eliminates the instability often associated with standard tiny home setups. Always remember that this is crucial for enhanced stability and to making your tiny home secure and steady.


By integrating adjustable jacks that bolt directly onto the frame, they've transformed the traditional support system. This creates a rock-solid foundation for a secure and comfortable living experience.  

Clever Tiny Homes' dedication to quality builds ensures that your tiny home isn't just a structure but a stable and reliable haven for years to come. If you want to learn more, you can watch “No More Shaky THOWS: The Clever Game-Changer for Ground Stability” for a comprehensive discussion of our tiny house on wheels trailer adjustable jacks.