Is It Possible to Install Solar Panels Later if they Aren't Included Initially? 

Published on
April 4, 2024
Discover the economic and environmental advantages of including solar panels during the initial construction of tiny houses on wheels.

Solar panels have become a popular option for those seeking energy-efficient solutions for their tiny house on wheels. The environmental and cost-saving benefits of tiny house on wheels solar panel are boundless.  

However, if you're planning to purchase or build a tiny house on wheels and on a tight budget, you might be wondering whether you exclude solar panels initially and add them later on.

Good new for you because Clever Tiny Homes has made it possible for you. While it is ideal for those with a limited budget, take note that there are some essential considerations to keep in mind. 

Installing Solar Panels on a Tiny House 

Tiny houses on wheels are designed to be compact, adaptable, and energy-efficient. One of the common ways to achieve this is by integrating solar panels during its construction. 

Much like traditional houses, you can install solar panels on your tiny house. It's not an entirely different process. Solar panels are simply mounted on the roof, and they can utilize the sun's energy, converting it into electricity to power your tiny home.   

While adding solar panels later is certainly doable, it's essential to consider the cost-effectiveness of this approach. Building a tiny house is a complex project, and many tiny house builders offer solar panel options during the initial construction phase. And considering this option can save you money in the long run. 

When solar panels are included during the initial construction, they are guaranteed to be securely integrated into the design. This means that the wiring and mounting brackets are in place from the start, making the installation smoother and cheaper. On the other hand, retrofitting a tiny house with solar panels after it's already built can be more labor-intensive and may cost you more. 

You can reach out to Clever Tiny Homes professionals if you want to get a solar panel installed in your home.  

Benefits of Including Solar Panels Right Away 

If you're convinced that solar panels are the way to go for your tiny house, here are some reasons to include them during the initial construction: 

  • Cost Savings: Integrating solar panels initially can save you money compared to adding them later. So instead of paying for the labor separately, it will already be included during the manufacturing process. 
  • Efficiency: An integrated solar power system is often more efficient and can help to minimize energy usage. The panels are carefully placed to capture the maximum amount of sunlight to produce electricity. 
  • Environmental Impact: You can also reduce your carbon footprint by using solar power from the get-go, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. 
  • Energy Independence: With solar panels integrated into your tiny house, you'll be less dependent on external power sources, giving you more freedom and self-sufficiency. 
  • Aesthetics: An integrated solar system is often more aesthetically pleasing, maintaining the clean lines and design of your tiny house. 


While installing solar panels later on in your tiny house is possible, you will still need to weigh the cost-effectiveness of this decision. Retrofitting solar panels is a great option but it may not be as economically efficient as including them during the initial construction. 

If you have decided to use solar energy to power your tiny house, do not hesitate to discuss your options with your manufacturer and consider the long-term benefits. This will help you make an informed decision that suits your budget and sustainability goals. 

If you are looking to get solar panels installed, feel free to reach out to Clever Tiny House for more information.